Is it time to think about Christmas 2016? Why yes, yes it is!

2015 will be a memorable year. There were many good things that happened, mainly for my children. For myself, there were a few events that balanced the year out in other ways. With the loss of my mom and all that happened before and after, my pace was slowed down, and sometimes, halted.  Mixed energies existed and it was more confusing than I’d imagined.

For the past few years, I’ve been illustrating a new Christmas Card. All have featured dogs, with some, hopefully cleverly worded, captions. For all that happened, I did not complete one for 2015. Although I had the intention, when the time came, there were things to do and the  energetic sparks of creativity had transformed into a dim glow.

Every year, when I take down the Christmas decorations, a sense of cleansing away of the old year happens. And so it did this year. And as things were cleansed, that creative spark began to ignite to a hopeful light.  With that, I’ve taken off with the pencils and brushes again and created a Christmas image for next year, but it’s also the beginning to a story I’ve begun writing to highlight these characters and the tale they tell.

2016 Postcard  Cynthia Kremsner copyright 2016